The Lucitones

by The Lucitones

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released June 27, 2017


all rights reserved



The Lucitones Kalispell, montana

Ya gotta see the Lucitones. It's like Disney on Ice if Lemmy took over.

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Track Name: Stalker in the Sky
If you don't believe then I'm out
Tomorrow night they're gonna fly down
I'm trying to prepare, but you're over there, and you don't give a shit about them
Leave this up to us now
It's best if no one else finds out
Tell me can you bare, this close encounter here, I don't even think they've noticed
Track Name: Hope's Last Time
We both know that this is hope's last time
Follow me to the path and I'll take you through my mind
We all know it's the last time we'll take this for a ride
Pull the trigger darkness falls as blood covers the eye

I don't know what I came here to do but I can't keep my eyes off of you
Now they're trying to erase this while we try to embrace this, they're telling us our lives will soon be through
Get on the train little girl and I'll show you how to fight
Because it's the last time, because it's the last time we'll ever see the light

These talking heads have talked this thing through and survivals not an option for you
Now I'm standing face to face with this beautiful face that saved us
My heart forever belongs to you
Drive me insane little girl, I don't have you but I might
But I fear it's the last time, I fear it's the last, can we make it through the night?
Track Name: Dark as Day
I fell asleep one night and when I woke the world was black
I don't know what happened to it but I know I don't want it back
I cannot remember the last time that I saw the light but I recall that nothing bright happened just violence day and night

Where did you go? I can't see you, that's okay, hoping that you know, from over here it's dark as day.
Track Name: Scurvy
I've come to tell you that I'm losing my mind
Running in circles and I'm running out of time
If I could only find a way to get away
It happens to me almost every single day

I've got scurvy on my mind
I never should have listened to the mystic back at port
But now I sleep alone at night I'm shit, shit out of luck

My skin is chaffing and I'm trembling at my knees
I would give anything to make this darkness cease
If I could only find a way to get away
It happens to me almost every single day
Track Name: Devil's Circus
I can’t help this feeling as I fall into the sound
Everything I’ve grown to learn has happened on these grounds
Somber faces masked by smiles, do it for the show
One more time I promise you and then we’re letting go

Speed things up now crank it up, boy you’ll soon run outta luck
Acknowledge life is different now, we’ll work you til youre running out

Now that the past is gone I thought I had no place to go
But then I found The Lucitones the greatest circus show
Trucks and coffee in my blood forever in my veins
Some things always will evolve while some remain the same
Track Name: TV Guide to Life
I gave up on the world today it's not worth it, no it's not worth the fight
Everybody's worth what they can afford, don't have the money then you can't have the life
You don't have to buy what they buy because they told you that it needs to be bought
Too many of us use the TV guide, they use it as a guide to their life

Can you please tell me things are alright, can you please tell me things are alright?
Can you please tell me things are alright, I can't buy into a world that's not right.

I woke up when I moved myself out, I had no money but I had the right mind
I gave up on the things in my life that had influence on me from the outside
I can admit that I thought of you and how you followed them you followed their lies
I tried to help you but I guess I found out what's more important to you everytime.
Track Name: Out of this World
Out of this World
Fight for nothing while the stereo it plays its little song for you
Well you can try to make some sense of this, while the rest of us make amends with this
I can see you crawling tonight as I fall
Well just take your ambitions and get them many miles from here, just get them out of here

I can’t try to fight when my brain is not here and I can see you running in circles
Well it’s all in the past and the past is not clear, man it’s frustrating, out of this world

All bets are off when the jester of this court is running out of here
Misconception hurts us all so don’t back down just make it loud in here
Silent protest, a tool that no longer harms
Well just take your intuition and get him fucking out of here, there’s no room for him here
Track Name: Point the Finger at You
Try to find an enemy, there’s nothing in me
Strong in your beliefs, I get it, believe me
Lookin for a fight, look at me, you’re kidding
Not against you, I’m Just against you and me

Celebrate a victory we have it in our hands we have you
Pointing the finger at you
Leave it up to us you’ll see we can’t keep up this fight without it
Pointing the finger at you
Leave it up to you the leaders are leaving
Try and play it cool, but inside it’s freezing
Searching for a cause, the chaos you’re causing
Running out of time just give up you’re losing
Chorus x1
Track Name: False Sense of Reality
Hold up, stand up, raise your hands up high into the sky
If you don’t look me in the face son, there’s a chance you’re gonna die
All the fights and all the drama happen in a world
Where there’s a false sense of reality bound with us from our birth

Don’t trust me, should get out of here, can’t fucking think, don’t say no to them

Line up with your social classes, listen to the lies
Delta children wear green they’re much stupider than I
Won’t defy her, faced with danger, lone soul stuck with total strangers
Life is so much easier when you learn to comply.
Track Name: Bury the Needle
Feeling down
Social pollution
Bury the needle
45 revolution
Fifth on the floor
One hundred and ten
Bury the needle
Live to win
Track Name: Chemical Indifference
Chemical Indifference
I can feel it in my brain, I know it makes us not the same
Tell me am I making sense tonight?
I’ll try and mask it if you stay, I’ll try and act a different way
I can’t make no promises tonight

No it’s not how I should feel
Don’t trick yourself, what’s the deal?
Laugh all you want it stays the same
But I will stay in my home every day

I can listen if you talk, I’m not impaired, inclined to walk
Got a couple things I can say
That time you hurt was not my fault, I think about the times you called
I think about how I can never change