Out of this World

from by The Lucitones



Out of this World
Fight for nothing while the stereo it plays its little song for you
Well you can try to make some sense of this, while the rest of us make amends with this
I can see you crawling tonight as I fall
Well just take your ambitions and get them many miles from here, just get them out of here

I can’t try to fight when my brain is not here and I can see you running in circles
Well it’s all in the past and the past is not clear, man it’s frustrating, out of this world

All bets are off when the jester of this court is running out of here
Misconception hurts us all so don’t back down just make it loud in here
Silent protest, a tool that no longer harms
Well just take your intuition and get him fucking out of here, there’s no room for him here


from The Lucitones, released June 27, 2017


all rights reserved



The Lucitones Kalispell, montana

Ya gotta see the Lucitones. It's like Disney on Ice if Lemmy took over.

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