Chemical Indifference

from by The Lucitones



Chemical Indifference
I can feel it in my brain, I know it makes us not the same
Tell me am I making sense tonight?
I’ll try and mask it if you stay, I’ll try and act a different way
I can’t make no promises tonight

No it’s not how I should feel
Don’t trick yourself, what’s the deal?
Laugh all you want it stays the same
But I will stay in my home every day

I can listen if you talk, I’m not impaired, inclined to walk
Got a couple things I can say
That time you hurt was not my fault, I think about the times you called
I think about how I can never change


from The Lucitones, released June 27, 2017


all rights reserved



The Lucitones Kalispell, montana

Ya gotta see the Lucitones. It's like Disney on Ice if Lemmy took over.

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